Jill Slaughter

Thursday, December 1st, 2011
jill slaughter

jill slaughter

Jill Slaughter is an official Face of the Arts in Broward County. Prompted by an invitation to submit a piece on how the arts impact one’s life, Slaughter’s written account of the work she did in her painting studio garnered distinction.
Her short essay, much like her paintings could be appreciated by anyone that ever had to reinvent their lives. Time and again absolute strangers would unfold the most intimate details of their personal lives once inside Ms. Slaughter’s studio.
Often, but not always drawn from personal experience images of men and women brought to life by Slaughter’s imagination evoked visceral responses, casting a universal shadow, and begging interaction to the emotionally confrontational work. Never-ending interpretations and speculation about the back-story of her visual work prompted Slaughter to reexamine her goals as a painter. Not wanting people to guess what the work meant, she instead made the decision to tell them; to lay bare candid answers to the questions her work provoked.
Slaughter parceled her time to include painting and writing for years, toggling between both mediums which each focused on thesame core issue of reinventing and rebuilding.
As a direct response to her studio visitors, Slaughter launched the blog Raw Candor to reach a wider audience, believing they were a microcosm of people interested in unpacking their own truth. Stories about her “always candid, always truthful, sometimes funny” life emerged online.
Fifty emails announced the blog, and now more than 9,000 readers follow Raw Candor. Collectively invited to examine their own lives by virtue of the fact that Slaughter made it okay to unveil imperfection. Her brooding, but often funny pieces unearth her past, and land the reader square in the face of her present. Slaughter’s viewpoint is often corroborated by expert sources as she offers links to other sites on Raw Candor.
Each post outlines details of her life, and examines ordinary topics. Details are specifically hers, but the narrative could be anyone’s.
Excavated feelings and events Slaughter thought long since buried or eradicated brought her face to face with unresolved emotions. In her studio as an unexposed solitary painter she was able to keep the histrionics from exploding. But now as the doyen of candor she welcomes the emotionaleruptions she sometimes experiences when writing and invites others to write raw.
She asks guest writers to unpack the why of something, rather than the what. “Everybody experiences the same emotions. Everybody falls in and out of love, we don’t want to know his name, we want to know why you chose him, and then chose him again.”
Employed full time as a curator, dedicated to achieving excellence in all her pursuits, Slaughter made yet another weighted decision, and gave up her painting studio. The physical space of her apartment is designated only for eating, sleeping, writing, and changing her clothes, no room for painting.
With space at a premium both literally and in her mind and her heart she cleared the space for writing raw, sold her paints, but kept her brushes.